Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SEMA show, networking and being "hungry" these days.

So I had a great time last week in Vegas, went to Sin City with no cash and came back home with a free mini laptop and a handful of new contacts. I went there with a friend of mine, Jose, who took care of the room and food while I was the driver.
As for the laptop, I NEVER, repeat never win at contests, races, the Lotto, gambling, etc, but thought I'd take a chance on this raffle and jackpot, cool huh? It was good to see my friends like Tito, Joe Greeves and John of I hope this is the beginning of a positive's a few snaps from the trip, keep an eye out on other magazines besides Lowrider; I like other cars and would rather work with people that can appreciate my skills. Diversify!